Professional home moisture removal

New - Pressure-applied cement-lime mixtures used to fill undercut walls at no extra charge.

AK Hydroizol has been dedicated to insulating residential and commercial buildings with damp and wet walls, resulting in moulds and health problems for inhabitants and users, since 2008. We insulate across Slovakia, in older houses where old insulation is in dire need of replacement, and in new construction applications where waterproofing was installed unprofessionally.

Technical procedure for undercutting walls

1. undercutting foundations

Our trained professionals define the appropriate gap to install when undercutting your walls. If the floor is selected in the insulated building, the undercut is made between the foundation and the first row of the brick or block wall. If the gap between the foundation and the first row is too small, the wall is undercut between the first and second row of brick or block. 

2. we insert insulation into clay

We then proceed to under cut the foundation or wall along its entire length and width, approximately 0.5 to 1.5 m, depending on the strength of the insulated structure. 
Polyethylene insulation is then inserted into the gap. The insulated wall is then structurally secured with plastic wedges that
are driven with a hammer into the gap. 


3. covering the insulation

The wedges are specially manufactured for retrofit wall insulation and may be cut to fit any height structure. 
This method is used to undercut the entire perimeter of the wall, and is followed by the undercutting of the internal load-bearing and partition walls, which are connected to the insulation and the peripheral walls. Insulation coverage in the wall is anywhere from 5 to 10 cm. 
The excess material is allowed to protrude from both sides of the wall to permit their full integration.

4. pressurised filling

Cement-lime mixtures are inserted into the gap between the static wedges using a special injection machine specifically designed to fill in cracks in masonry structures. 

podrezanie základov muriva
vkladanie izolácie a klinov
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Take control 
over your health

Excessively damp structures are the perfect breeding ground for moulds which are responsible for various illnesses and are major allergens. Damp walls are also produce aesthetic defects, which degrade the structure itself.

A dry home 
saves energy

Damp walls increase the energy demands of the overall structure of a new construction or existing house by 25 to 30%. Dry walls save energy, regardless of if electricity or gas is used.

Restore your living space 
through remediation

Remediation of damp masonry structures and waterproofing are integral and important parts of the construction industry. Incorrectly installed waterproofing on existing and new construction houses alike results in damp masonry structures, and these structures need help.

odstránenie vlhkosti muriva

To remove moisture from masonry structures we recommend 

our customer undercut their walls or use an injection process to break the capillary structures that connect the foundation to the walls of the damp structure. Excavation under a house or other building employs a studded mat that rests against the wall and the insertion of a drainage pipe at the bottom of the excavated trench. We do not recommend this method for our customers as it does not interrupt the capillary action along the entire length and width of the foundation. The effectiveness of this method at removing moisture is only around 10%. Another option is to insulate walls with remediation plasters or other special plasters, as recommended in building supply stores. We do not recommend this method as the water in the masonry structures contains salts and minerals that plug the pores in these remediation plasters over time, degrading their ability to perform their intended task and the moisture then reappears. Our company prefers the undercutting method thanks to its lower price, 100% effectiveness for all types of masonry structures and the very high durability and long service life of the materials that are used.

Permanent solutions for a damp home

Dajte stop vlhkému domu!

Entrust your living space to professionals who will remove the moisture and dampness from your home. The solution should be permanent! The definitive moisture solution is to create a waterproof barrier in the walls themselves.

Keep your home dry!

The first step to waterproofing your home is to understand the hydro geological properties of the land itself, and specifically the level of the water table, including during rainy periods. After all, the house needs to be insulated from this moisture to avoid damp walls and mould in your home.

That is why we offer our customersthe following solutions to eliminate the moisture:

- whole-house undercutting, foundation insulation, foundation undercutting, 

- foundation injection and whole-house chemical injection.